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Are you a couple which has just got married? Are you living in a newly built home? Does your Meridian, ID property need floor refinishing service? If yes, then it should be a durable floor with a life long guarantee. Managing work, children and home care can be quiet difficult. Therefore, the maintenance of your floor should be easy. Our team is comprised of professional flooring experts. Not only will they apply a finishing layer of protecting varnish onto your hardwood floor, but they’ll also repair the damaged areas, ahead of time.

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affordable flooring company in Meridian, ID At least easy enough so that when you return from work it can be clean for your kiddos to have some fun on it. Fortunately, you can hire additional help to preserve the quality of your floor. Which is actually a necessary service because one of these days it will need a good coating done. While this seems simple and people often endeavor to do it themselves, they finally come to realize that it’s truly better to hire an expert. In reality, a floor installation can consume just 1/7th of the time spent on your home remodeling project. It also requires small amount of money and equipment. So, trust your project to a reliable company! Accent Custom Flooring is, a flooring store, where you can find a broad collection of various examples of our previous work at different properties including residential and commercial for the last 21 years. Generally a flooring service will take between 1 and 3 days maximum, in order to be accomplished correctly. Regardless of how many rooms you want us to service, your needs will be thoroughly accommodated. With our company, you’ll receive the outcome which you expected in return for a scheduled appointment.

Our flooring company, Accent Custom Flooring offers a range of floor smoother tools for both big and small areas that are carried out by powerful polishing machines and surfacing equipment. It proves our guarantee is a high quality of labor for 1 year. Should you have a large assignment for us that needs dedicated attention and specific tools, we’ll be glad to dispatch our team to your property against the clock. This is what makes our Meridian, ID flooring store second-to-none when it comes to meeting previously arranged points on time. Our customers may be owners of home and business facilities but we provide both of them with affordable prices and custom-made solutions!

trustworthy flooring company in Meridian, IDAs we’ve opened the topic about your budget, we know no one wants to fork it out all at once. Which is why you needn’t replace the entire floor but repair it, instead. There are owners who think that when their floors are damaged, the most appropriate decision is to go buy a new one. Naturally, we’re all aware that paying unnecessary expenses is un-needed when repairs can be done at an affordable price. The procedure involves a sanding of the wooden surface, even when the surfaces polish has worn off in the rooms with the highest of traffic. Along with applying cleaning detergents in order to remove stains off the floor through to filling holes which were intentionally left, so that the wires can stay hidden. Our Meridian, ID flooring company will cover it all for you! The upper processes are incorporated into the service package that our flooring contractor offers. Feel absolutely free to see our specially devised pricing quotes and handiness by requesting an offer now. Contact us today or come and visit our Meridian, ID office. Book our service by speaking with our customer support agent now. Learn more about our flooring contractor by calling Accent Custom Flooring at (208) 690-3143!